Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

My family and I have done a few things so far this season to help get us into the holiday spirit! Not that it's hard (at all) for us to get into it - it 's just always the time of year that I feel the real urgency to give to others. It always makes me think that while we may not be rich, and we may not have all the things we want....we are still some lucky people. We have a nice warm house to call home, food on the table and each other. It makes me sad to think about people that don't even have what I sometimes consider to be the simple things.

Our local radio stations hosts an "Adopt-a-thon" every year where you can 'adopt' local families and help them out with Christmas. Many of these families...without the help...would go without any gifts for their children or even a nice Christmas meal. My church group adopted a family with a 28 year old single mom of three - ages 13, 9 and 2 months. I called the mother after we got her information and she was very nice - and we talked for awhile. I think about the things that my two kids ask for on their Christmas lists.....Wii games, $50 Transformers, DVDs and DVD players for the car......while her kids wish list items are new socks, underwear and her 9 year old would really love a remote control car.

Just breaks my heart.

Worst was that this lady didn't have a Christmas tree. She said their tree had broke a few years ago and she'd never had the money to replace it. I can't imagine having Christmas without a Christmas tree.

I put out a call to our church group members to see if anyone can get a hold of a cheap or free Christmas tree and tonight I put an urgent request on Craigslist. Hopefully, someone has a nice tree they can donate to us.

Tonight we all went out after visiting Santa, and stopped by the Dollar Tree for a few items for this family. Nothing big - some shampoo for the kids (Batman and Elmo!), books for the baby and I found the cutest piggy banks for all three kids. I'll head over to Target this coming week to go shopping for some more items with the money collected yesterday at church.

We're hosting a wrapping party at our house this coming Saturday - everyone will bring which ever gifts they bought and we'll spend a few hours wrapping everything together. I'm making some Amish Stew (watch for this recipe) and some chili along with cornbread for everyone.

I'm really excited to do this! Plus, we get to deliver everything to the family when we're done. I'll make sure and fill you in on my progress!

What have you done so far to get yourself or your family into the Holiday spirit???

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